Hydrogel Wound Sealant

SutureSealTM a long lasting, transparent, bandage replacement that is made of a non-toxic, biodegradable, hydrogel polymer. 

Up to 14 Days of Protection!

No gauze, no tape, no wraps, no worries about getting it wet, and no more daily bandage changes!

Long Lasting

Wound protection for up to 14 days!*

Long Lasting

SutureSeal starts as a liquid hydrogel that can be “painted” over various types and shapes of open wounds. In seconds after application, SutureSeal congeals into a gas-permeable bandage replacement providing wound protection for up to 14 days!*


SutureSeal starts and stays clear and flexible.


SutureSeal starts and stays clear and flexible. This makes it is easier to monitor healing and is less restrictive to the patient’s movement. The soothing, non-toxic barrier to dirt and debris will dissolve and fall off on its own as the wound heals.

Water Resistant

Providing a bandage option where there is none!

Water Resistant

Accidents happen, and our aquatic friends need help too. Luckily SutureSeal is also water resistant. Providing a bandage option where there is none!


This is a specially formulated polymer designed for incision and wound protection in:

·      Small Animals…such as: Dogs and Cats
·      Large Animals…such as: Horses and Goats
·      Exotic Animals…such as: Snakes, Lizards and Frogs
·      Marine Mammals…such as: Seals, Dolphins, Whales and Turtles
·      Zoo Animals…such as: Elephants, Primates and Birds


SutureSeal™ acts by forming a thin coating that protects the incision site or wound area.  It is initially applied as a liquid and transforms into a flexible, breathable gel in about 60-90 seconds.

SutureSeal™ forms a protective layer that prevents dirt and debris from entering the incision or wound area for up to 14 days post application.

SutureSeal™ is colorless, odorless, flexible, water resistant, non-irritating and designed to enhance the healing process.  The wound will heal and the polymer will dissolve naturally after 2 weeks.

SutureSeal™ is recommended for all open wounds, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, burns, hot spots, and ALL surgical incisions.

SutureSeal is not intended as a wound or incision closure device and should not be used on wounds that are actively bleeding or seeping heavily.

*Length of protection was tested under ideal conditions. While SutureSeal's unique polymer was formulated for maximum durability, we know your patients are not always in ideal conditions. We recommend more frequent monitoring for animals in less-controlled environments.

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